Texas deploys Disaster Relief Resources for areas impacted by Hurricane Matthew

At the request of the state of Florida and through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact, the state of Texas has approved spending resources for disaster relief in preparation for Hurricane Matthew.
These resources include Texas A&M Forest Service A;l-Hazard Incident Management Teams which currently consist of 30 personnel and may be augmented as the situation develops. Other state agencies are on standby to respond to any future requests from impacted areas.
Additionally, Texas Gov. Abbott has called Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal and South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley to offer any assistance as those states deal with Hurricane Matthew.
The hurricane on Friday afternoon was brushing the northwest Florida coast traveling north-northwest at 12 mph with winds of 120 mph
Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Nicole remained stationary far out in the Atlantic. It had winds of 70 mph Friday afternoon.

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  1. jjr
    October 8, 2016 at 2:30 pm

    I hope the relief does not include the pushing of flu vacs.

    Flu Vaccines From Dogs?


    ” According to the CDC’s own statistics, more than 10 million vaccines are given every year to infants. Not so well publicized, however, is the fact that aluminum — a known neurotoxin — is routinely used as an additive in many common vaccines to increase their long-term effects.” Ream more >>>>

    Aluminum and vaccines: What the research reveals


    People really need to educate themselves about what is being pumped and needled into them.

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