Boswell a hero and respected by city

Chris Boswell has been considered a hero by many.
He also is known not only for his athletic abilities, but for his friendship to all others, regardless of race, plus being known as a extremely intelligent person back at Rice University, where he graduated.
Please believe that this person stands 6-2 and weighs 185, although it might appear he is a bit heavier.
Well if any of this is a give away, it is true, this writer is referring to Chris Boswell, the outstanding kicker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who you might have seen in action in the Steelers-Washington Redskins game Monday nigh, not the Honorable Chris Boswell, mayor of Harlingen. The Steelers Chris has become a beloved resident of the Steel City.
This Boswell, a product of Fort Worth, not San Benito as our mayor, also Chris Boswell, hails from.
Also, not taking away from what many believe to be the salvation of Harlingen, while others say he is setting the city back to the early ages, I must to say that our Chris weighs a bit more than 185 and keeps gaining pounds. Just sayin.’
This commentary is meant in fun, but I am sure there are those who will think I am being naughty to the mayor — and I already know who they are.
Enjoy life while you can Chris and Chris, 50 years from now, it will not make a damn bit of difference.

1 comment for “Boswell a hero and respected by city

  1. Fustrated Harlingenite
    September 14, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    Good one Jerry! I wouldn’t call him a hero BUT maybe our mayor can find out if HPD Chief Addickes did or did not have an accident on the night that this girl ran into that motorcycle guy Salinas? Rumor is that only commander kester had contact with him and only him? What is there to hide? Was Addickes under the influence like in Austin? Rumor is that he other party was a family member of one of the jailers from department? Were there injuries?

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