Bence Trust donates new warehouse for CC Precinct 4

The greatness of my friend Leon Bence, a man as well as loved by scores of others, lives on.
Word is out that the Cameron County Commissioners Court has accepted a land donation for a new Precinct 4 warehouse and maintenance facility from the Leon and Linda Bence Revocable Trust. This is land along Old U.S. 83 just outside Harlingen and in La Feria where the couple founded and operated a nursery for many years.
But most of us remember Leon as the unassuming person of some wealth due to his real estate ventures. Lot of people just thought he was another good ole boy, which he was, but not realizing his financial talents.
I was one of those who had the pleasure and privilege to be a close friend of Leon. In later years that had to include his chihuahua pup that he carried around with him everywhere. That tiny dog even bit me once when I rushed too fast to shake hands with Leon.
When Leon died of a heart attack, dog Pepe was also ailing. No one else could have ever been able to take care of the ill dog and he was put down. What many do not know is that the canine was buried in the coffin with Leon.
At his funeral, there were many who spoke up fondly of this great man.
Although the information I received did not say who was in charge of the trust, I have to assume it is his son, local attorney Travis Bence. A very nice contribution from the trust.
Cameron County Precinct 4 Commissioner Gus Ruiz announced the gift to the county commissioners. (As a side note, Ruiz seems to be getting lots more done for the precinct than the commissioner he replaced.
Value of the property donated is valued at $100,000 or more.
As I said, Leon lives on.