Harlingen-Brownsville, McAllen metro areas reportedly are the least educated in U.S.

The Harlingen-Brownsville-Raymondville metropolitan area came in second to the McAllen metro area in another situation, but neither relishes the unwanted “honors.”
The Economic Policy Institution has stated the McAllen metro area, which includes Edinburg, Pharr, San Juan, Mission and other nearby communities, finished 150th, or last, among the top metro areas in the country in educational attainment. It also finished 113th in quality of education and attainment gap.
Meanwhile — and I am certain that the schools in Brownsville, brought down the low mark — but the Brownsville, Harlingen and Raymondville metro area finished 149th out of the 150. It finished at 131st in quality of education and attainment gap.
Let us hope that the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley will help in boosting the area situations, but the biggest problem lies in the public schools area.
McAllen metro area and Brownsville-Harlingen area rank at about the same in high school statistics, 62 and 64 percent of the adults have at least high school degrees.
Also in the bottom in Texas was Beaumont metro area, ninth; El Paso, 12th and Corpus Christi, 16th.
At the other end, the Austin, Round Rock metro area was ninth among the top communities, according to EPI.
At least, Harlingen moved up a bit from previous figures by WalletHub, which had listed Harlingen as the least educated area in the U.S. and McAllen as second worst.

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