More schoolboy football, Harlingen & San Benito face tough tasks in regional rounds

The Texas high school playoffs resume this weekend and both Harlingen’s Cardinals and the San Benito Greyhounds face strong foes in the regional round Friday night.
The Cardinals (10-2) go up against perennial strong Smithson Valley (9-3) at Corpus Christi Buccaneer Stadium at 7 p.m. in a Class 6A Division I regional game. The Cards whipped McAllen Memorial 49-35 to advance, while Smithson Valley whomped San Antonio Stevens by 35-0.
The Greyhounds (10-2) face San Antonio Clements (10-2) in a Division II game at Kingsville’s Javelina Stadium, also at 7 p.m. Friday.
The Hounds advanced with a 56-36 Area win over Laredo Alexander. Clements defeated San Antonio Brandeis.
Laredo United faces another strong San Antonio area team in Converse Judson Friday at 4 p.m. at Converse. Judson is 11-1 while Laredo is 10-2. They are in Class 6A Division I.
In Class 5A Division I, undefeated Edinburg Vela will play Austin Vandegrift, at 1:30 p.m. Friday at San Antonio’s Alamo Stadium. In Division II, Edcouch Elsa goes against unbeaten Cedar Park at Alamo Stadium at 7:30 p.m. Friday.

4 comments for “More schoolboy football, Harlingen & San Benito face tough tasks in regional rounds

  1. Gage D
    November 27, 2015 at 8:42 am

    Any inside info on the Blaschka tower deal? More apartments. From the #s released in the paper, it looks like the city took the best deal of the available options.

    Hooters coming to Harlingen! Northwest corner of the Bass Pro development. Thumbs up.

    And in regards to the above story, Harlingen with the only (very slight) chance of making it the 4th round this year. Although, it would be a huge upset. The starting QB and RB are only juniors, along with the star DE and more than a few other kids. Next years team will be even better!

  2. v.tinker shays
    November 27, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    Yes,apartments.”Affordable” apartments (i.e. Section 8 apartments). A real draw to downtown. (Gotta em have to qualify for federal grant money, money that the powers that be will syphon from.) Isn’t our social-fascist government great!

    • Kenneth J. Benton
      November 28, 2015 at 11:54 am

      Well what do you know, ol’ Stinker Shays is calling out Boswell and the machine who for years have practiced as he alleges. I’m shocked.

      Stinker you may recall some years ago I wrote a letter to the Star because someone had placed a used building on the north east corner of Harrison and P street, a very high value corner in terms of the city’s image. It turns out that the building was owned by our former sheriff Conrado Cantu who angrily charged me with messing with the kid even as an embarrassed city staff acted to have him remove it.

      Well I’m back. They did it again, I was so dismayed to see someone from Mexico has purchased the former bread company facility located across from P AND Harrison and has added yet another used tire shop and hand car wash at that site. Sure will impress tourists. What a pathetic joke.

      Maybe that’s the reason we can’t get the COMPREHENSIVE PLAN finished!!!

      I do agree with you on Baxter tower. At least in part. The last think we need in the downtown is more low income housing. There goes the need for a completed COMPREHEHSIVE PLAN again. The calIed for (by me..which means all of you hated filed Satanists opposed it) revitalization of the city’s oore called for the removal of blight and attraction of business investment in the area.

      The federal tax credits you completely misunderstand and which I Had planned to deploy to help achieve the improvements downtown and in and around districts 2 and 4 were NEW MARKET TAX CREDITS, which CANNOT BE USED FOR RENTAL HOUSING.

      Likewise historic tax credits are not tied to low income housing. Like the NMTC’s they are a tool to attract deeper equity investment and to help stimulate investment in low incomer areas….the goal being to improve the area and incomes.

      Sure some even most developers misuse the credits and yes the government is stupid but the law was intended to help cities like Harlingen restore and renew once thriving central business districts.

      Again our city leaders fail us and won’t listen.

  3. erlkonig
    November 30, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    Regarding the future city conference center, consideration must be put into offering computer lab services. EVERYONE has a conference center hotel setup in quite frankly, more desirably places, but the GAME CHANGER for Harlingen is being able to offer a large network environment that customers can use for software training purposes. That adds a new customer that can and probably will range beyond regional events to statewide and even national in scope. I get that a 1,000 room Grand Hyatt or Hilton won’t be built, but if the city can purchase 100 PCS, two servers, and collapsible furniture, then breakout rooms can be set up to accomodate 50 and over trainees. The city would have to hire a network admin with all the pertinent certifications and two support positions. Temporary help could be enlisted from TSTC networking students for set up and take down. This option would be aimed at agencies and medium organizations that have a need to train on their software. Harlingen would provide the facilities, the organization provide the instructors, and the software would be in the form of a temporary license run on a virtual server environment from the vendor. Large computer labs for training ARE hard to find. Harlingen could offer the largest for fee computer lab in South Texas over night.

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