Greyhounds go for 2, nip Cards in Battle of the Arroyo

The San Benito Greyhounds came from behind for the second year in a row, to edge the Cardinals, 22-21 at Harlingen’s Boggus Stadium Friday night.
The Greyhounds trailed the Cardinals 21-20 after scoring a TD in the final frame. They then went for a two-point conversion, They scored and took the win.
Last season the Greyhounds also came from behind to take a 25-21 win.
The Cards still hold the overall edge. They lead in the serious 58-22-5.
San Benito led 14-7 at halftime, but Harlingen led 21-14 before the Greyhounds made their eight points.
In other games, Los Fresnos defeated Harlingen South, 39-21; Rio Hondo walloped West Oso, 26-0; Lyford 41, Santa Rosa 0; LaFeria 27, La Grulla 7; and Orange Grove 65, Raymondville 0.

3 comments for “Greyhounds go for 2, nip Cards in Battle of the Arroyo

  1. jjr
    October 11, 2015 at 5:51 pm

    I had to drive through the stadium area. I truly wish to GOD that people in this town would turn out to vote like they turn out for these games. And that is all they are folks,GAMES.

    Sigh,so depressing to see how many of the people just don’t care that they are getting screwed by the city leaders.


  2. Longhorn
    October 12, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    What are you taking about? I am glad those people don’t vote. They don’t care about their children’s education but they show up for football games. 95% of these people won’t go to any an open hose or other educational event but sleep out for high school football tickets. I am glad they won’t vote.

    • Kenneth J. Benton
      October 12, 2015 at 4:58 pm

      You have a point and perhaps we should give up and accept the failed leadership, living in the past but jjr’s point is valid.

      Today I had a call from someone wanting a flea market…great job generator that.

      All the kids have phones and ipads, etc but none can explain the science behind streaming video or music.

      That is why China and Russia push ahead and can hack us with ease.

      Via the Harlingen Aerotropolis and better education.

      Space and …………………….no $ 9/hr jobs.

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