Seven candidates for 3 places in Texas

Five candidates for 2 places in Navigation District

  There are seven candidates running for three places in the Texas Southmost College District general election, scheduled for May 8, which also involves  situations not always seen in district voting.

  Early voting began Monday (April 26) and continued Tuesday (May 4).

  Much of the attention has been in Place 5, where Brownsville residents army reserve Capt. Rene Coronado and Francisco “Kiko” Rendon are going against longtime incumbent Rosemary Breedlove of Los Fresnos.

  Running in Place 3, are Robert Lopez and Robert A. Lozano, while Eduardo Roberto Rodriguez and Trey Mendez are running in Place 4.

  Coronado, 37, has served in the military much of his adult life. However, he served as TSC’s director of human resources in 2008 and was fired.

  He has a Whistler Blower lawsuit against the school concerning his firing, but has stated he does not believe that should have any effect on his seeking the elective position.

  Breedlove, 62, is the owner of the Chacalaca Inn resort near Los Fresnos. She has served on the district board since 1998.

  Rendon is construction project manager for H&H, Inc., of Los Fresnos,

  Lopez is director of administration services for Cameron County, while Lozano is a longtime neurologist.

  Rodriguez , a longtime Brownsville lawyer, ran into a problem with his campaign signs,  because he did not include the word “for”  which gave the impression he already held that position. He has since made the proper corrections,

  Juan Trey Mendez III, 30,  is also a  Brownsville attorney.

  Joe Lee Rubio also has been trying to get on the ballot, but so far has been turned down due to a narcotics conviction in Mexico, where he served five years in prison.

  He first was turned down by the TSC board, then the state district court. He appealed to the 13th Appeals Court, which denied it and it how is in the hands of the state Supreme Court.

  He has stated that if his appeal is denied by the Supreme Court he will take t he case to federal court.

  Rubio was on the ballot in 2006, but in two other tries his efforts failed to get on the ballot. 

  For the Brownsville Navigation District, Place 2 candidates are Moses Sorola, Luis Melendez and incumbent Martin C. Arambula..

  Running in Place 4 are Carlos R. Masso and Angela Miller.