If you did not vote early, be sure to vote for your candidates on Saturday


Welcome to the first The Real Deal column, or at least first one in a very long time. I hope to have many more, bringing out the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as presenting some interesting tidbits along  the way.

  First off, I do not take much stock in publications telling their readers who they believe are the best candidates for elective offices.  In fact, it has been my experience that nearly just as often as not the candidates’ choices by media editorial boards and other writers are the ones defeated.

  (Example, the San Antonio Express-News editorial board endorsed John McCain for president!)

  But, it’s fun to do it anyway, so here are my choices (which are serious)  for Harlingen mayor and city commissioners (I don’t live in either of the city precincts, but I do have my choices), plus for the Harlingen school board.

  For mayor — Joe Rubio.

   Unfortunately, he is underfinanced and according to polls, along with Jose “Joe” Flores, lags far behind George Merrill and Mayor Chris Boswell, but I honestly believe he has made the best and most logical presentation. True, I am a friend, but I would not endorse him for that reason.

  Nor would I change my choice just because he probably will not win. He was the choice I made and I will stick with it/

   I am leery of George Merrill, although he may be the next Harlingen mayor.  I am for religion,  but I wonder about his choices as mayor – will they be for the community or for his Fundamentalist  religious views? He also appears to have some baggage.

  Sorry, Dial (Dunkin) I have to go against you on this one.

  For Precinct 1 –   Gustavo “Gus” Ruiz.

  New, fresh ideas come from this young man, who is an assistant district attorney. It’s time for lots of that, too much of the so-called Old Guard has stymied the community growth. Some of the criticism against him has been he probably is using this as a stepping stone to other higher political positions.

  I say, more power to him. That is the American way. What politician did not start out in lesser positions? Look at our governor, our previous president and our present president.

  Larry Galbreath appears to have too much baggage. Although he appears to be a nice person, those concerns about all those financial activities are too much, maybe not so nice. OK, Dial, we are one and one now.

  For Precinct 2 – Robert Leftwich.

  No argument at all on this one.

  I was very concerned when Robert Leftwich was considering not seeking re-election because he is the strong voice on the city commission. Most of the people who do not favor  him are those who want the city to be status quo.

   That includes those who wanted Craig Lonon to stay on as city manager despite some of his questionable activities, most of whom benefited in some way by him, including that lady friend. They also did not want to see the former city attorney leave, although he should have been fired years ago.

  For School Board – Janine Deal.

    This has nothing to do with her name. I do not know Janine Deal and have never met her, that I recall. However, I like what she has to say.

As for Greg Powers, he must really want that “no pay” position judging from the money he has spent seeking the position. He is a member of the powerful and old Powers family. I am a bit skeptical of him.

  In conclusion, I have decided that the whopping $98.6 million school bond issue is just too much, at least at this time. There are too many things on that agenda that could be cut back or held off until better times. Aren’t we still paying on another bond issue?  Maybe if the amount was cut down, it would pass. I don’t think it will.

County needs to take better care of Isla Blanca Park

   I received a call from a good friend who said that Isla Blanca Park’s beach was covered with seaweed  and jellyfish on the weekend, when most people use it.

  She was irate and so now I am also, at the neglect on a weekend.

  Where is the county and what does it do with the money it charges cars to enter the park.

  Seems strange that all those areas where the high rises and high dollar other condos are located along the beach get cleaned up regularly by the city of South Padre Island, while Isla Blanca is neglected.

  Could it be because those who use this park include many lower income people?  If so, shame. shame, shame. 

  The South Padre city government has already taken action to keep those not living or who do not have and rent condos away from the beach in the city limits. This despite the fact, in Texas, the beaches belong to the people – all people.

  How? The members passed an ordinance forbidding parking on most cross streets, leaving only Gulf open to parking. Well, how many cars can that street take?

   Oh yes, politics at its best. It appears there are just too many small minded people serving that city government.

  Meanwhile, County Judge Carlos Cascos, talk to your park people and find out why the county section of the beach is so filthy. There is an upcoming election, you better remember.