Election time and become full of negative comments, accusations

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Myleadernews will carry the results of the Harlingen city and school board elections, as well as some of the results from surrounding communities.) 

  With a heavy turnout expected, the Harlingen city election has become a bit heated, with some accusations and counter-accusations flying, especially in District 1.

  District 1 Commissioner Larry Galbreath, in an advertisement in Friday’s Valley Morning Star, asked why businessman and former banker Dial Dunkin  is backing his opponent, Gus Ruiz and “giving him $500.”

  The Galbreath ad  asked if it was because Dunkin wants “Ruiz to de-annex his mansion so he doesn’t have to pay city taxes,” or is it “because Dial wants another puppet.”

  The always feisty Dunkin has  countered in a VMS Saturday ad which reportedly blasts back at Galbreath in a very big way. It is believed that Ruiz also has a response to the Galbreath ad.

  Also, some bloggers, who have been busy criticizing various candidates for some time, also jumped on the Galbreath ad in online publication Myharlingennews.

  One pointed out that Galbreath is backed by Armando and Debbie Elizarde, as well as Pat Kornegay, who police investigated and turned the probe over to the Cameron County District Attorney’s office. It involves an airport proposal, with some alleged criminal activity.

  Another blogger defending Ruiz said that there was no fight between Galbreath and Ruiz, “it is between you and Dial.” The blogger also said Galbreath should know what a puppet is, “he has been one” during his place on the city commission.  

  Meanwhile, Mayoral candidate Joe Rubio takes Mayor Chris Boswell to task in a publication called RGV INVESTIGATOR. Rubio said he circulated 5,000 copies of the 12-page tabloid.

  In District 2, it has been fairly quiet between the two candidates, incumbent Robert Leftwich and challenger Elaine L. Flores.

1 comment for “Election time and become full of negative comments, accusations

  1. May 7, 2010 at 9:32 pm

    Since I wrote this article above, I have received comments that are to be in the Valley Mrning Star from Dial Dunkin refuting icomments made by ncumbent Commisisoner Larry Galbreath.
    They include — “Wrong again Larry — Larry I am amazed at how you continue to get everything wrong. (allegation against Dunkin by Larry in Harlingen when it should have been filed in Palm Valley), “$500 to Gus Ruiz,it was $1,000.”
    Dunkin says thatt he only thing Galbreath accomplished was to “marry a Pletcher get elected to the city commisison, become head of the TIF board, acccess $2 million grantto improve your wife’s property then sell it off. That was cool Larry.”

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